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Running a successful business since 2003

Going beyond the traditional broker role of connecting customers with a community of financial service providers, we take the time to learn and understand our customers to become trusted partners.
Like success, wisdom isnʼt acquired overnight. Itʼs taken us two decades to build a network, gain insights and establish key relationships. Thatʼs why youʼll find there arenʼt many brokerages that have been around as long as ours. Sure, building any business takes hard work, dedication and commitment. It goes beyond the fact we are experts in our field. We get the importance of the lending journey and how personal that process is to you. As a partner, you can rely on us to negotiate discretionary terms and pricing to find the best options for your unique requirements. Because it's the little things we know that others don't.
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Why choose a broker?

As a brokerage, thereʼs no bias towards any particular lender or financial services provider. Weʼre on our own mission helping customers manage their financial wellbeing. Our partnership approach helps build deeper relationships, tailoring the strategy and structure to ensure the right lending structure is implemented to deliver you to your goals. Itʼs a focus on shared values and real commitment that drives our success. Which in turn, drives yours.

Meet your team

Our team is just that - a true team of leading brokers all carefully selected, so you can benefit the collective experience of us all, backed by better experience, collaboration and quality mentorship that sets us apart.

Matt McEwan

Matthew has over 20 years experience in vehicle finance, including 18 years as director, which he founded and continues to manage. Amongst his many achievements, he was awarded the first ever Fraud Prevention Certificate from The Commission for Financial Capability in 2018, having identified and prevented. Matt enjoys keeping active, recently taking up adventure bike and trail riding.

Sam Mortensen

Senior Broker
As senior finance broker, Sam has extensive hands-on experience in the automotive, accounting and finance industries. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree under his belt, Sam has worked across a number of roles and functions including as a qualified Associate Chartered Accountant. He thrives on working with clients from a wide range of different industries. He's also a fan of golf, spending spare time trying to better his game.

Qiays Longman

Senior Broker
With a demonstrated history within the finance sector, Qiays carefully curates customers' financing needs to best suit them and their situation. Taking the time to create a deeper understanding of circumstances and requirements, Qiays has built a solid reputation of going above and beyond to achieve favourable results for his clientele.

Here's what people are saying...

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These guys are amazing. Service is second to none and very trustworthy. Would not do my financing with anybody else.

George, New Brighton

I’ve used Platinum Finance for the last 10+ years; they take care of all paperwork and running around.

Mary, Auckland

10 stars if I could. Dealt with 2 contracts and everything ran smooth. I’d highly recommend these people.

Simon, New Zealand

Our partners

A carefully considered, strategic and complete solution takes a solid strategic partnership network and established relationships. That's the Platinum difference.