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Successful projects

Since its establishment in 2000, Brook Creative has been focusing on project management & implementation through cooperation.

Unique designs

In total, Brook Creative has created more than 2000 projects related to constructional designing and landscaping worldwide.

What are your refinance options?

We work harder to understand your unique situation and provide smarter finance options so you make an informed decision that helps you to achieve your financial goals and secure your financial future.

Rate & Term Refinance

This involves replacing either a single or several current loans with a new loan with either a lower interest rate or different terms, such as a shorter loan period.

Cash-out Refinance

This allows you to borrow against the equity in your assets and access cash quickly. This can be a good option if you need funds for home improvements, debt consolidation, or other expenses.

Why refinance?

You want a lower interest rate...
You want a loan to suit your current needs...
You're paying off your other debts...
You want cash...

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Here's what people are saying about us

Phil Whiting
Phil Whiting
This guys are legendary. The professionalism is outstanding. Used them a few times now and are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Leandri Hefer
Leandri Hefer
Rakai is worth more than his reviews or weight in gold. This man is truely amazing. Over a week period he worked to get us the best deal. And the best rates, and minimal effort from us regarding paperwork. Definitely will be back Thank you Rakai!!!
Adrian Chandra
Adrian Chandra
All I have to say is these guys are so awesome to deal with.......they have been very helpful during the finance process and will get the work done properly. I would definitely recommend them
India Newell
India Newell
Rakai is an incredible representation of this company. He is compassionate and makes me feel like he cares about me as a person, and about helping me make my financial goals happen. I feel like more than just a client, and more than just a tally to his sales. He helped my partner and I through a car loan and then helped us in cleaning up a huge mess when we crashed the car we had on finance and our insurance didn't quite cover it - what could have been a stressful and painful and dragged out experience was made incredibly easy by Rakai and his on going support and assistance getting us back on track. I would give 10 stars if I could. 10/10, will always return to Rakai in future for financial advice and assistance.
Robin Masters
Robin Masters
10 STARS for me if i could. Dealt with Sam on 2 contracts and everything ran smooth. Id highly recommend these people. Thanks Again SAM!!!!
Jennette Jones
Jennette Jones
I had the most amazing experience with Platinum Finance this week. The loan went very smoothly and Rakai was so helpful with guiding me through the process. I would recommend Platinum Finance to anyone looking for long term or short term finance. Many thanks again. Jennette
nicholas vertue
nicholas vertue
I've used Platinum Finance for the last 10+ years on a multitude of vehicles, purchased not only through car dealers but also privately. Always helpful, friendly and efficient. Even with a couple of unusual and typically finance unfriendly vehicles he whizzed the process through and made everything easy and non stressful. I really like the fact they take care of all paperwork and running around so I can concentrate on getting my new baby! Thank you Sam, I will be seeing you again for the next one. Cheers
Thejs Pedersen
Thejs Pedersen
These guys are amazing. Service is second to none and very trustworthy. Would not do my financing with anybody else.

Get the Platinum advantage

Experience that counts

Our longevity demonstrates real credibility, providing you with more options and less resistance.

It's your call

Buying private? Talking to a dealer? Regardless of who you're buying from, Platinum is here to help every step of the way.

No deposit finance

Borrowing the lot? We've got you covered... literally. We can also finance after-sale costs like comprehensive or mechanical breakdown insurance.

Fast turnaround

Get pre-approved in as little as 10 minutes. We take take the hassle away so you can drive it away without the unnecessary complications.

Multiple options

With multiple lending options from NZ's leading finance companies, our team is able to partner you with a lender that's the right fit.

We know car loans

Our team are experts in car finance with unparalleled experience and knowledge.

Looking for a bit of guidance?

What are the benefits of dealing with someone like you instead of going direct?
We are very lucky to have access to a broad range of leading financial services businesses from around New Zealand. This means more options for you to find you the best deal and a product that will suit your needs better. The application process is simple with minimal paperwork required. Once we have received everything from you, we take care of the rest and keep you updated at all times until approved. Our brokers are also available at all times whenever you need them. Business hours, after hours, weekends, we are there for you every step of the way.
Can I get a fast approval?
It can take as little as 2-3 hours, with a maximum of 24 hours depending on your circumstances.
Do you only do car finance?
We are experts in a broad variety of finance. Not only do we specialise in vehicle finance, we also assist in the following: Motorbike finance Caravan and camper trailer finance Truck finance Equipment finance Boat and jet ski finance Business finance Personal loans
Can I find out how much I can spend?
Yes – you can use our online loan calculator to find out a rough estimate of how much a loan will cost long-term and with each repayment. It’s free to use and there’s no obligation to apply.